Dienstag, September 16, 2014

Home is Where the Heart is...

This saying may seem cheesy or kitschy, but has much to it, as I experience often. For so many years of my life home was in one place on one street - in Texas. But now, whenever I fly back to Texas to visit, I realize that my heart is in this original place only to a limited extent. Especially since I have made dear friends other places, and especially since a particular person has recently opened my eyes to possibilities in my current location on a more northerly latitude, I notice the center of my life shifting on its own.
Years ago I never could have imagined wanting to call any other place home, even in Texas. But the seemingly impossible is happening. We humans can surprise even ourselves, if we give ourselves time and flexibility. So it's also a good idea to let the other person surprise you, even if you never expected it.

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